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Learn specific skills using gentle nutrition, whole foods, movement, & fasting to feel better!

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Join the dozens of women saying “goodbye” to complicated meal planning and prepping, and taking control of their health –– one day at a time.

Our Big Purpose: 

We bring together Christian women, homemakers and caretakers, to learn to support their own health and the health of their families using utilize gentle nutrition, whole foods, movement and intermittent fasting to design a plan to increase energy, quality of life and longevity.


Every day countless people give up on their goals of a healthier lifestyle because they just can’t keep up.

We all know how important it is to nourish our bodies, but let’s face it…

Eating healthier requires a little more planning (and sometimes ingredients since you aren’t cooking from a box).

Recipes can feel overwhelming or complicated.

You don’t want to be hungry all the time.

And, you don’t have the time or patience to plan or figure out how to make sure you are getting the right foods for your body.

Not to mention, every time you set out to improve your diet, it feels like it is harder to keep up with…

If we are being honest, you are probably here because this is an area where you feel like your skills are lacking.

Don’t worry  –– I have been there, and I work with women every day who feel the same exact way.

I mean, with all of the technology we have, and all of the ways we can communicate  –– you’d think there would be a better option by now, right?

How do we have the entire internet but no easy way to balance our already busy schedules with a healthy diet?

After struggling for years to try and stay consistent with my healthy habits, I was asking myself the same question, and I realized that with my training and experience… I could create something.

And that something allowed me to help so many women turn their fantasy of a healthier lifestyle into reality.

Let me introduce you to…


Easy-to-make delicious recipes, time-saving shopping lists, and hands-on 

support to help you eat clean healthy whole-food based meals throughout the entire year. 


"My goal is to make it super simple to implement the right health and wellness habits to help you feel renewed, refreshed, with more energy and improved well-being."  - Jen Smith, CHN

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About Me

I’m certified in Holistic Nutrition, Biblical Health Coach and Faith Based Clinical Counselor, living in Naples, FL. I have been coaching and guiding women through their health journeys for years. 

In 2022, I found myself hitting rock bottom… I was always exhausted, constantly sick, suffering from all sorts of digestive issues, and just feeling overall disgusted with myself. I had tried to eat healthy before, but it always felt like I was searching for answers alone in the darkness. 

It took time, but I studied and kept trying  –– honing in on what was really at the root of my health issues. It wasn’t easy, but I found support in my teachers and peers while studying holistic nutrition, and through them, I was able to finally make my goals stick.

After graduating, I realized that support was the biggest key to me successfully making (and keeping) healthier habits in my life. It was also the biggest thing missing when I realized I needed to improve my health. 

Since starting my holistic nutrition practice, filling this gap and giving women the real support they desperately need has been a passion and a mission that drives me every day.

What does the membership include?


To make sure you don’t get bored with your meals, and that you have a fun variety to give you motivation  –– every month, you will get access to an entire month's worth of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks!

If you decide you want something else for a meal, there is always an alternative at hand, making it easier to keep choosing healthy options.


Never wonder what you are going to eat or when. If planning your meals has been a big struggle, you will love the suggested meal ideas that come every month.

Even if you forget to plan out your own, you already have meals figured out for you!


Stop getting lost at the grocery store or forgetting key items because grocery lists are NOT your thing.

For each of the suggested meal ideas you get, I also threw together a complete grocery list so you can just head to the store and make your shopping a breeze!


Remember, your membership is meant to make eating healthy easy  –– that includes getting tips, motivation, support, and a feeling of community growth.

Your membership allows you to connect with other members and me to give you that support and help you reach your goals in a private space.

Why You Should Join Me  



Easy-to-make delicious recipes, time-saving shopping lists, and hands-on support to help you eat clean throughout the entire year. 

Every Month your membership gives you access to:

  • 1 Month’s worth of easy and delicious healthy recipes

  • 4 full week’s of suggested meals already planned out, for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  • 4 Complete shopping lists, so you can just head to the store

  • Access to a private community for tips and support to help you reach your goals


You’re Not Alone In Your Health Journey

Aside from the obvious health and wellness improvements… This is the biggest reason The 365 Meal Ideas Membership is so successful with all of my clients.

It’s also the reason this is so different from any health plan or membership you have seen yet. 

While most other coaches will give you pointers, tips, and a few recipes to get you started, it’s hard pressed to find one that supports ALL of your meals.


On top of that, you get access to me, and our community of healthy homemakers finding their way, so you always feel supported.

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Working with Me

“Jen has been so helpful in getting my health goals in line.”

“I would definitely recommend her coaching.”

“I was very pleased with my results. I actually did learn to eat better.”

“She coached me for what stood in my way and suggested ways to overcome barriers. Very helpful!”

“Jen helped me increase my consistency. Jen was great at giving me advice and making sure I stick to my goals."

“Her feedback was invaluable in encouraging me and suggesting options to achieve my desired results.”

Giving your life a healthy makeover is hard. 

The foods that are the worst for us tend to bring us comfort, so you are relearning not only your eating habits, but to find new foods that bring you both comfort AND joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many recipes will I get each week?

Your membership includes recipes for every day of the week, every week of the year (for which you are a current member) + alternatives! There are never any questions about what to eat or when. Everything is always planned out for you!

Can I pay monthly?

Currently for our pre-launch we are offering a monthly plan only for $27.99. 

What if I have food allergies or can’t get the ingredients for the recipes provided?

Your membership includes recipes that are clean, and in general free of the most common allergens. I do provide alternatives for some ingredients, but if there is something you need to substitute and an option is not provided  –– I am happy to help you find something that will work and be just as delicious! Just send me a private message in the group or post your question in the group and I'll respond. 

Do you offer refunds?

You can cancel anytime. We will provide a full refund on the membership fee paid, if requested in the first 30 day period following your sign-up. 

Will I have access to past recipes?

You will have access to the current month's recipes for you to download during your active membership.

Are there any extra costs?

You get access to the recipes collection for the month + community access for your membership fee.  I know it is super important to have a place to ask questions, get help, and sometimes just vent, and I wanted to make sure my clients had that place to be heard and supported. The community is set up on Mighty Networks, and is included with your membership. 

What if I need more support?

If you find that the recipes are helpful with improving your health and lifestyle but feel like you need more personalized support in another area, as a certified holistic nutritionist and Biblical health coach, I help women manage a variety of aspects of healthy living. You are always welcome to schedule a call with me to discuss your needs.

This is a one of a kind group where you can take control of your own health by learning to use nutrition to improve the quality of your life!

The time is now!

What do you have to lose?

Start today, always today, working toward your goals!

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